Wendy Houses

A traditional Wendy House is a simple utility structure, usually used for storage, security rooms, site offices, staff accommodation, etc.  A Wendy House can be made from any material but the most popular is timber due to cost, availability and environment friendliness.


Garden Sheds

The Wendy House is the ultimate flexible and affordable multi-purpose space answer. A generic name for the ‘do anything garden shed’ or that special playroom for your child - big or small, we can do it. Please see the various uses listed below or refer to the price list for sizes and options

Guard Huts

A quick and attractive answer to security needs. Increase efficiency, professionalism, and vigilance of your personnel safety's sake. From one man sentry rooms to gate control and on-site accommodation rooms, please see the price list for sizes and options.

Site Offices

A simple solution to offices, meeting rooms, project rooms, etc. Particularly where the need is temporary, the building can be dismantled, moved to a new project site and used again.

Site Accommodation

From single rooms for one or two people, to larger rooms with bunk beds for teams, to multi-room units, eating halls or entertainment areas, our flexible buildings will provide your workers with a comfortable space.


Storage areas are usually dead space where simplicity is key. Whatever your space requirement is, we can assist. From adding or removing windows and doors, or divide our buildings with partitions, our range us customisable. Please see the price list for sizes and options.


Our multi-roomed timber houses are the perfect solution for clinics in remote places. Our timber houses are simple, affordable, durable, and very quick to erect, and will alleviate the hassle of lengthy and costly building construction projects. We can accommodate whatever requirements space you may have.


Our easily erected, durable and affordable multi-roomed wooden cabins are the perfect solution for classroom space in remote areas or construction sites. No need for lengthy and costly conventional building projects, we will meet whatever space requirements you have.