Frame Built Range

A timber frame structure is a different building system. It follows formal building regulations and is similar in use and performance to that of a conventional brick and mortar building. In fact, more than half the residential homes in the developed world are timber frame structures. These bear no resemblance to the Wendy House other than that there is timber in the structure.

Get Away Cabins

The ideal, affordable, and attractive solution for that deep in nature, getaway experience. These timber cabins can be easily erected at a reasonable cost, just about any place in nature.

General Accommodation

When you need something bigger than a single room wendy house or a multi-functional work area, our multi-roomed cabins offer a simple solution. Whether it’s accommodating a farm manager or personal with a family, our cabins can do the job.

Holiday Cottages

Our multi-roomed timber cabins make the ideal holiday cottage. They are simple, attractive, affordable, durable, and easy to erect, and offer an alternative to expensive and lengthy building construction projects.


Our multi-roomed timber cabins are the perfect solution for that instant on-site office.